Fasolakia Lathera: Greek Green Bean Stew

Fasolakia: a Greek green bean stew with potatoes and tomatoes

Fasolakia is a Greek vegan green bean stew with potatoes, tomatoes, and of course lots of good olive oil. Typical of Greek cuisine, fasolakia is an easy, simple, healthy, and delicious comfort food. The full name of this dish is actually Fasolakia Ladera me Patates (Φασολάκια λαδερά με πατάτες). Fasolakia (the emphasis is on the “la”) stands for green beans, me means with, patates are the potatoes, and Lathera describes the preparation method, namely an oily tomato sauce. Let me show you how to easily cook the best and so tasty Greek green beans and potatoes (and if you like with vegan feta on top, mmmh) …


Spanakopita – Greek Spinach Pie

Spanakopita a Greek spinach pie. Vegan, with tofu instead of feta. Recipe by plantbasedredhead.com

Spanakopita, is a Greek spinach pie, I’ve been making again and again for ages. I admit, Spanakopita sounds better and more interesting than pie. But with all the herbs, this version is also much more a spanakopita than a spinach pie or spinach strudel or in whatever way you want to call this delicious thing. In the shape of a snail and with this kind of ingredients it is definitive a spanakopita.

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Vegan Feta

Vegan Feta made from almonds/almond cheese (with Dill Oil) — Plantbasedredhead

Let me introduce you to a beloved recipe for vegan feta that I have been preparing continuously for years at any time of the year! This vegan feta is made from almonds, is as versatile as “the original” (use it with pasta, in a spread, salads, whatever), and also tastes similar, if not better; nice and flavor-full, but neither too strong nor artificial. In any case, for me, it is the best (vegan) feta cheese ever, much more than just a vegan substitute!


Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie

Refreshing Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie

If you are looking for a simple vegan pineapple smoothie recipe that is not only healthy, and quick, but also tastes so very good and refreshing, then I have a great combination for you: pineapple and cucumber, complemented with kiwi, celery, lemon juice (and/or lime juice) and fresh ginger. Pineapple smoothies are often associated with detox, cleanse, or weight loss. I aspire to neither, but prefer to make this easy smoothie recipe for breakfast, mostly because the mix is ​​so tasty and energizing. What is also great with this recipe: If you want to extend the pineapple and cucumber smoothie benefits and make a green smoothie, you can simply add some leafy vegetables or herbs.


Red Cabbage with Apples and Potato Dumplings

Kartoffelknödel_Kartoffelklösse_Rotkraut_Rotkohl_Blaukraut_Potatoe-Dumplings_Red-Cabbage_Purple Cabbage_Plantbasedredhead

This time I have two recipes for you, namely red cabbage (or purple cabbage) with apples and Austrian (German) potato dumplings. Both classic, easy, vegan, simple, and healthy. And so incredibly good! The internet is full of “the best recipe for xxx” – just like for classic homemade braised red cabbage and potato dumplings. If you can’t make up your mind, give this very best one a chance, you won’t regret it.

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Lemon Blueberry Cake

Vegan Lemon Blueberry Cake

If you feel like eating cake but want something light and fresh in its taste, rather than heavy and creamy, then I have a perfect recipe for you. In this post I will show you how to make an easy, simple, moist, and tasty vegan lemon blueberry cake with glaze. Thanks to the fresh lemon juice and the grated lemon zest, this cake tastes really lemony, in a very nice way. The blueberries complete the fresh taste.

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White Bean Soup

Easy Italian Vegan White Bean Soup with Celery and Carrots

This recipe for an Italian vegan white bean soup is one of the easiest recipes in my repertoire, simple in the preparation and the ingredients. But despite, or perhaps because of, its simplicity, this Italian bean soup (in the original “Zuppa di fagioli” or “Fasoli cu l’accia”) is extremely delicious. And also very healthy!


Vegan Kaiserschmarrn (with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote)

Veganer Kaiserschmarrn - Rezept - plantbasedredhead.com

Vegan Kaiserschmarrn – a classic fluffy dessert from Austria that could be described as shredded pancakes, topped with powdered sugar, and served with a fruit compote. In this vegan but still authentic recipe, Kaiserschmarrn does not contain any eggs at all. Instead, it is prepared with aquafaba, which brings it very close to the original. On the side, there is a strawberry and rhubarb compote. I am happy to share with you my recipe in English and show you how to make a veganized version of delicious Austrian Kaiserschmarrn. 

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Wild Garlic Pesto

Wild Garlic Pesto Vegan Recipe - plantbasedredhead.com

When wild garlic pesto is on the menu, it doesn’t just mean that there is something delicious to eat. But above all it means that spring is here – finally – Hallelujah! This vegan wild garlic pesto is a pleasure every season. With nutritional yeast instead of parmesan, it was easily “veganized”. Add good olive oil, sunflower seeds and pine nuts and some parsley, and you have a deliciously intense, deep green and super fresh pesto that conjures up a springtime walk through the forest.

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