Fasolakia: a Greek green bean stew with potatoes and tomatoes

Fasolakia Lathera: Greek Green Bean Stew

An authentic, easy, and simple recipe for Fasolakia, a Greek Green Bean Stew, made out of green beans and potatoes in an olive oily (Lathera) tomato sauce.

Vegan Feta made from almonds/almond cheese (with Dill Oil) β€” Plantbasedredhead

Vegan Feta

An easy but so tasty vegan feta cheese made from almonds. This vegan feta is dairy-free and soy-free, but full of flavors and more than just a substitute.

Tzatziki recipe - vegan, easy, delicious / Tzatziki Rezept - vegan, einfach, lecker - plantbasedredhead.com


Tzatziki with dill – vegan and as good as the Greek original. Making tzatziki yourself is very easy. Give this refreshing cucumber yoghurt dill sauce a try!

Spanakopita a Greek spinach pie. Vegan, with tofu instead of feta. Recipe by plantbasedredhead.com

Spanakopita – Greek Spinach Pie

Spanakopita is a Greek vegan spinach pie that is easy to make and very delicious. For this vegan version, I used tofu Instead of feta, which fits perfectly.