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Chai Latte Sirup_Konzentrat_Syrup_Concentrate

A Chai Latte, or a Masala Chai, is a sweet Indian tea with milk and spices, with a warming Christmas-cinnamon taste and a spicy note. With this homemade and authentic masala chai concentrate you can easily make your own chai latte, or dirty chai latte if you also add some coffee, from scratch. This simple chai syrup recipe is easy and fun to make, plus, there is room for your own adaptions. You can make your chai tea syrup with loose-leaf tea or from tea bags – or you can even make a caffeine-free version without any black tea at all – it still tastes wonderful. Bonus points: This vegan chai concentrate is said to taste better than at Starbucks, plus it makes a wonderful gift for Xmas or other occasions.

What is Chai and what does it taste like?

If you’re wondering what exactly chai is, let me try to shed some light on it. Chai, in a variety of spellings, such as çay in Turkey, simply stands for tea in many countries.

When people talk about Chai Latte or Masala Chai, they mean the Indian chai spiced tea. Often referred to as Chai Tea Latte, which is a bit nonsense because it actually means tea tea latte (nevertheless I also sometimes speak of chai tea).

A Chai Latte, or a Masala Chai, is a sweet Indian tea with milk and spices, with a warming Christmas-cinnamon taste and a spicy note. If you’ve never had chai before and want to know what it tastes like without making bottles full of syrup, then I recommend you give the Yogi Tea Classic *) a try.

Starbucks Chai is also celebrated and is said to be very delicious. However, I haven’t tried it yet because, as far as I know, the syrup contains honey (and to be honest, I never go to Starbucks). But here it comes: supposedly this vegan chai syrup tastes at least as good as the Starbucks chai syrup, at least that’s what one tester claims in the comments section of this post.

And then what is a Masala Chai?

The word “masala” means mixture, specifically, it usually means a mixture of spices, as is the case with Garam Masala *). There is no “this one right mixture and method of preparation”, as is the case with Neapolitan pizza, for example, but there are some basic components.

In addition to spices, masala chai usually contains black tea, milk, and sugar. Prepared with plant-based milk, you can conjure up a vegan chai latte. The spices are usually simmered in milk and water for a while before finally being made into tea.

Masala Chai Concentrate – the essentials in a compact form

Chai Latte is much more like the modern Western adaptation of the traditional Masala Chai, in gastronomy usually made with some chai tea syrup, often full of flavors and aromas.

This homemade chai syrup is not some crap that just imitates the taste, but is everything that can be found in a masala chai, i.e. loose tea and whole spices, but already compacted into the best chai concentrate, which turns into syrup with the sugar. I maintain that this chai latte syrup recipe is worthy of the depth and complexity of an original masala chai, even though it is really simple to make it.

Make your own chai syrup

Anyone can buy syrup, but you can also make your own syrup! Here, I’ll briefly talk about my favorite vegan chai syrup recipe. As always, you can find all the details at the end of this post.

Ingredients for homemade chai syrup

As already described, a variety of spices are part of a Masala Chai. My spice mixture is very much based on that of Yogi Tea Classic *). The spice mixture for this masala chai syrup therefore consists of cardamom *), cinnamon *), black peppercorns *), cloves *), and fresh ginger. I further added allspice *).

The mixture can also be enriched with fennel seeds and/or anis seeds (I’m not a big fan of either, at least not the seeds, fresh Fennel I like it though). A touch of chili is also possible. In any case, use whole spices, as ground spices as ground cinnamon would end up in the bottle when straining.

Chai Latte Sirup_Konzentrat_Syrup_Concentrate

Make masala chai concentrate with or without black tea / caffeine

In addition to the spices mentioned, the homemade chai latte syrup also contains water, (brown) sugar, and if you like – black tea *). Yes, you can make your chai latte without black tea. To do this, you can simply skip the tea. Like this, you can still drink chai tea before bed because it won’t have caffeine. If you make it with black tea (loose or with teabags) chai syrup does have caffeine!

The recipe calls for 20 tablespoons or 100 grams of black tea, which sounds like a lot at first. However, this amount is for two liters (67 oz) of syrup. By the way: If you are looking for a chai syrup recipe with tea bags, please use around 25 to 30 bags; they replace the amount of 100 g of loose black tea.

Back to chai tea caffeine content: For a cup of chai latte you will need one to two tablespoons of chai concentrate (depending on how sweet and intense you like it). Let’s say one and a half tablespoons. If a tablespoon contains around ten milliliters (or 0.5 fl oz), you can make 133 chai lattes from two liters (67 oz) of syrup.

One tablespoon of loose black tea, which approximately contains 50 mg of caffeine, makes an average of six to seven chai lattes. This means that each cup will have less than 8 mg of caffeine. You see, the chai tea caffeine content is quite low (a pure cup of black tea contains approximately 25 mg of caffeine if you prepare it with 1/2 tbsp of black tea).

A good thing of making chai syrup with black tea: If you are tired of forgetting to take out the tea bag and “enjoy” bitter tea every time, then syrup is the perfect solution, because with chai syrup with black tea, you only have to think about it once, namely when preparing the syrup. However, given the amount, you should set a kitchen timer or an alarm clock just this once – if you are a mess like me.

How to make Chai Syrup for Latte

Let’s move on to the next important part, namely the chai syrup preparation. One thing first: making your own authentic chai latte syrup at home is really easy. You can find the detailed recipe at the end of this post. But more or less it basically looks like this:

  1. Cut the fresh ginger into slices
  2. Crush the spices
  3. Roast the spices very briefly
  4. Add ginger, sugar and water and simmer for approx. 20 minutes
  5. Strain and let it boil again
  6. Add black tea (optional) and let it steep briefly
  7. Strain
  8. Pour into bottles that have previously been rinsed with hot water and close immediately
Chai Latte Sirup_Konzentrat_Syrup_Concentrate
Mmmmmh, the smell that comes up when the spices are roasting is just too good!

Pro tip, I came up with the following idea by accident because I felt it is a pity throwing away the delicious smelling spices after straining them. I therefore put them on a plate and stirred them once every day. When I baked something, I put the plate in the already switched off and still warm oven to dry it further. The result is a super nice natural room scent.

Chai Latte Sirup_Konzentrat_Syrup_Concentrate

Chai Latte Recipe

Finally, the open question is how to make chai tea latte with chai syrup. Preparing Chai Latte almost doesn’t deserve its own chapter, because you simply take one or two tablespoons of your homemade chai latte syrup and mix it with (plant-based) milk.

You can replace half of the milk with water. It doesn’t necessarily taste better, but it’s still tasty and reduces milk consumption, which in turn is cheaper and means we don’t have to carry so much home.

How to use Chai Syrup: Hot, Cold, Dirty

Drinks made out of this flavorful chai can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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The hot chai latte with foamed milk is probably the best known. Pro tip: Enjoy it on a cold autumn or winter day with heavenly Austrian Vanillekipferl, a moist carrot cake, soft apple-cinnamon rolls or a piece of his healthy baked oats breakfast cake.

The Indian spiced tea also tastes excellent cold as an iced chai latte, despite the very Christmassy spices. If you want to make an iced chai latte with chai syrup, you simply blend it with a glass of cold (plant-based) milk and ice cubes.

And the dirty version would be the dirty chai latte, which is a chai latte with coffee. That sounds like a lot of caffeine! Have you ever had a dirty chai latte before? I don’t like sweetened tea and coffee at all, but I love sweet chai latte. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

Ho ho ho

With this chai syrup, not only you will be happy, but also your loved ones, because it is a wonderful DIY (Christmas) gift from the kitchen. Family, friends and colleagues are equally happy about the delicious chai syrup for chai latte.

Please make sure that you use bottles that are really tight. I ordered my swing top bottles *) from Amazon. They are affordable and 9 pieces of 8 oz each are perfect for the amount of syrup listed in the recipe (2 liters or 67 oz), if you leave a tiny bit of room at the top.

Chai Latte
Yield: approx. 2 liters (67 oz or 8.5 cups)

Best Homemade Masala Chai Concentrate (Chai Syrup)

Chai Latte Sirup_Konzentrat_Syrup_Concentrate

Simple chai syrup recipe: Enjoy this homemade and authentic masala chai concentrate as a chai latte or dirty chai latte, hot or cold. Vegan, made with love.



  1. First, rinse the bottles *) with hot water. I do this by putting the bottles with the swing top on them (which are each open) in the sink. Then I boil water with the kettle and pour it into the bottles and also something over the caps. I'll leave it like that for a few minutes. Then I empty the bottles. Protect your hands with a tea towel as the bottles are very hot! Then let the bottles dry upside down, against the wall and leaning against each other.
  2. If the ginger is not organic, peel it and then cut it into slices. Put aside.
  3. Next, crash the spices. Use a mortar for this, or simply put them in the pot and take a thicker glass or something similar and use its base to crush the spices directly in the pot. They don't need to be ground, just lightly mashed, especially the cardamom pods, to open them up a little.
  4. Then roast the spices for about 1 minute while stirring so that they develop their full taste. Caution: The spices begin to smoke quickly, but are not yet burned. A heavenly scent rises. Keep an eye on them and don't roast them for much longer than a minute as they do end up burning quickly.
  5. Add the ginger to the spices and also the sugar and water. Bring to boil and then let them simmer gently for about 20 minutes.
  6. Strain the syrup, preferably with a cloth that is laid out in a sieve which is hanging over a fresh saucepan. I use my cheesecloth *) for this, which I also use to make baked almond feta.
    Chai Latte Sirup_Konzentrat_Syrup_Concentrate
  7. Let the strained liquid simmer for another 10 minutes.
  8. If you want to make the syrup with black tea (in the post I explain the possible uses for the different versions), add it now (otherwise skip to the next and last step). Turn off the stove and let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
  9. Strain everything back using a cheesecloth *) again. Or simply take out the tea bags if you use them instead of loose tea (see notes below).
  10. Pour the hot liquid into bottles using a funnel and close them.


  • Instead of loose tea, you could use teabags. About 25 to 30 pieces should replace the amount of 100 g loose tea.
  • The syrup is not typically thick like a syrup, but more like a concentrate. So don't be surprised if that is the case with you - everything is fine.
  • Once opened, keep the chai syrup in the refrigerator. I can't say anything about the exact duration. Thanks to the sugar, it stays good for a while
  • If you can't find allspice, you can use more cloves and cinnamon instead.
  • Fennel seeds, star anise, and even chili would do well in syrup too. But I like it best without all of that.
  • You can enjoy the syrup with either cold or warm vegan milk. I use about 1-2 tablespoons of syrup per cup/glass. By the way, you can replace half of the milk with water (mix a water-milk mixture with the syrup). It doesn't necessarily taste better, but it is still tasty and reduces milk consumption, which in turn is cheaper, and so we don't have to carry that much home.
  • Sprinkle a little cinnamon on your chai latte if you like.

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3 months ago

Really good recipe – was exactly what I was looking for to make a big batch. One note – for me, there’s too much sugar in this. I like sugar in chai, but adding enough to make it spicy enough makes it too sweet, personally I would recommend less sugar in the mix, you can always add more.

I also added more juiced ginger and black pepper to taste – but that’s the great thing with this, you can change it up as you wish.


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Samantha Tonge
Samantha Tonge
11 months ago

This is incredible!! Made this to keep costs down on iced chais and it’s actually even better than Starbucks!! And works out super well value, sourcing the ingredients in the UK made this work out at £0.44/ serving. I’m in love, super easy to make, this recipe is a keeper for sure! Thank you for posting 😀

1 year ago

Have I understood this correctly? Recipe makes 2 liters of chai syrup = 135 Tbsp., so, if I use 2 Tbsp. syrup mixed with 1 cup of milk, I will get 67 chai lattes out of this one batch of syrup. WOW, that makes it really economical to make!

1 year ago

Thank you so much for clarifying that you really did mean 1 kg of brown sugar! I really want to make this syrup. Sometimes authors don’t bother to respond, so I very much appreciate that you did. 💐

Marie S Moore
Marie S Moore
1 year ago

In the ingredients, for brown sugar, you say 1 kg (2.2 oz.). 1 kg is actually equivalent to 35.2 oz, or 2.2 lb. Did you really mean to use 2.2 lb brown sugar in this recipe, or 2.2 oz.? Thank you.

Sara Welch
2 years ago

Such a great idea for gift giving this year! Excited to hand these out over traditional cookies!

Kristen Wood
2 years ago

This turned out super tasty! Can’t wait to make again! 🙂

2 years ago

I love all those spices! Such a fantastic homemade syrup and definitely the perfect DIY Christmas gift idea. Yum!

2 years ago

I can almost smell the deliciousness of the spice mix through my computer screen! It sounds too good to be true. Yum what great flavours!

Anjali Shah
Anjali Shah
2 years ago

This chai mix tasted so much better than the chai lattes I get at my local coffee shop! I’m making a big batch of this to use throughout the winter season!